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  • Ply Kitchens


    Ply Kitchens

    We design and make Formica and Birch Ply Kitchens bench tops and vanities in a wide range of sizes, shapes & colours. We also design & make entire kitchens, This Scandinavian look is stunning and classic and doesn’t date at all. Open shelving is very modern in ply.

  • Formica Plywood


    Formica Plywood

    Prime Laminate is a high quality, yet economical high pressure laminate surface. It is highly durable so you can be confident it will face up to your daily lifestyle. Prime Laminate can be used for bench tops, kitchens, wall linings, vanities, domestic and commercial furniture, shop fittings and shelving.

  • Omega Appliances

    Omega Appliances

    Since its inception, Omega’s commitment has been to the seamless integration of strong design with innovative performance and excellent workmanship.

    Today the company is recognised as a front runner in the Australasian kitchen industry, providing a benchmark in style, quality and service that many seek to emulate. The Omega range of appliances combines all the classic design elements and superior workmanship of quality specialist manufacturers, with the affordability and versatility so highly desired by the multi-tiered Australasian domestic market.

    Each product in the extensive Omega range – from oven, cooktop and dishwasher to rangehood and microwave ovens – is testament to the company’s innate sense of balance in the combination of style with function, longevity and extreme value for money.

    An essential factor in the long-running success of Omega, is the people behind the name. The quality, experience and sound product knowledge these experts offer provides invaluable input to clients and specifiers. Omega values and nurtures its dedicated team of employees who are proud of their product and committed to excellence in service.


    • ovens
    • freestanders
    • cooktops
    • rangehoods
    • microwaves
    • dishwashersDishwashers



  • Acrylic


    Acrylic is ideal for furniture and architectural pieces, as well as benchtops and service areas. Its non-porous solid surface – composed from natural minerals, bound by acrylic resins – makes it a particularly strong surface and its smooth finish lends it to “bold” finishes. Acrylic happily moulds to work with sharp angles or flowing corners, with almost seamless joins.

    • Corian
    • Laminex
    • HiMacs
  • Engineered Stone

    Engineered Stone

    Engineered stone products can be used throughout your home for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry’s offering elegance, style and continuity throughout the home.

    The unique properties of engineered stone products mean they are equally suited to dry and wet areas. The combined qualities of strength, water and mildew resistance and low maintenance means engineered stone products are the ideal choice for today’s modern homes.

    • Caesar Stone
    • Eurostone
    • Uniquartz
    • Advanced granite and marble
  • Laminate


    Laminate benchtops are an easy-care and durable work surface. There is a wide range of colours, textures, finishes and edge profiles to choose from – so you can achieve the exact look you want. Laminate is suitable for both commercial and residential environments.

    • Laminex
    • Prime Laminate
    • Wilson Art
    • Formica
  • Euroedge



    Euro Edge gives the impression of a seamless edge, solid stone-looking top, but without the associated expense.This look is achieved via a digitally-printed edge tape. The resulting tops are extremely durable and functional. Euro Edge is suitable for commercial fit outs, furniture, benchtops, table tops, and vanity units.



  • Kitchen Drawer / Pantry Organisers


    Kitchen Drawer / Pantry Organisers

    For a new kitchen or kitchen renovation. Create space with kitchen cabinet fittings that provide innovative kitchen storage solutions and bring style to the interiors of your kitchen cupboards. Save time and aid workflow with a drawer organiser to turn clutter into order.

  • Drawer and Door Systems


    Drawer and Door Systems

    We use high quality drawer systems to suit any situation in your kitchen and home. High performance kitchen drawer kits, drawer runners and drawer slides that are quiet and smooth running, with heavy load stability for all your storage needs. Our door systems include sliding doors, bifold doors and a range of door hinges and door stays to meet a wide array of door installation needs.

  • Kitchen Bins


    Kitchen Bins

    We can supply a wide range of kitchen rubbish bins which are space-efficient, hygienic and easy to clean pull out bins that slide away out of sight, yet are easily accessed when needed. Most of our pull out kitchen bins have a top mounted cover that minimises odours when waste bin is closed. DRAWER type kitchen waste bins attach to a fixed front for one motion opening, while HANDLE type bins are installed behind a hinged door. Multiple bin configurations offer excellent solutions for sorting/storing recyclables and organic kitchen waste in your kitchen.

  • Laundry Bins


    Laundry Bins

    We can supply a wide range of pull-out laundry baskets, laundry bins and laundry bags which you will find ideal solutions for managing household laundry and laundry storage. Build them into your laundry design as they make the most of laundry cabinet space efficiently, while keeping your laundry neat and tidy. Laundry baskets are air vented to enable airflow and breathability.